The 615 Podcast

003 - Jana Kramer :: Authenticity and The Social Hustle

June 18, 2020

Nick sits down with entertainer Jana Kramer to talk about everything from the "hustle" of running multiple businesses to parenting.  Jana talks about how important it is to be authentically you.  Being an entertainer, podcaster, author, actor, and influencer, Jana has a lot on her plate.  She and Nick talk about how to balance multiple opportunities while also being a good parent.  


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Fifteen year veteran Realtor, Nick Woodard was raised right here in Williamson County, Tennessee. Graduate of Brentwood High School and Middle Tennessee State University, his roots were firmly planted here many years ago. Growing up in the Nashville area has provided him a vast knowledge and love for “The 615.” Understanding that he was extremely fortunate to be raised in such an incredible area, he has made it his passion to help others call Middle Tennessee “home.” Nick is married to his beautiful wife Kathryn and is the proud father of 3.


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